How to deal with colds during rheumatism treatment

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In MTX taking caution

There is no problem with using over-the-counter medicines, common cold medicines and antibiotics together. However, in patients with RA, pneumonia may begin to occur even if they think they have a cold. Unless it is very mild, please see our clinic as much as possible instead of a doctor in your neighborhood.

If you have a cough that does not stop, you have a fever of 38 degrees or higher, you have little appetite, you are suffocating, or you are very sick, stop taking the drug and return to the hospital or call again as soon as possible.

If the symptoms are mild, you can adjust the dose by half, or take a rest on Saturday or Sunday.

If it is difficult to see you in the distance, please call again.

Also, as soon as possible, see a large hospital internal medicine department (preferably a respiratory specialist) for a blood test and chest roentgen.

Especially for elderly people over 70 years old and those with poor kidney function, if you continue to take MTX in a dehydrated state or without eating, the blood concentration of MTX will increase and white blood cells will decrease extremely. It will end up. As a result, pneumonia and sepsis can be fatal.

Other common side effects are gastrointestinal disorders, mouth ulcers, rough mucous membranes such as throat, dry cough, suffocation, malaise, easy hair loss when washing hair, easy internal bleeding, difficult physiological bleeding, and liver function numbers. There is a rise in.

On the other hand, these side effects are also a sign that the drug is working well in the body (the concentration is rising well), so if it is mild, you do not have to worry too much.

Adjusting the amount of medicine often improves.

Physical condition management during rheumatism treatment

Especially those with lung disease and the elderly

For people with lung disease and elderly patients , we recommend purchasing a pulse oximeter and keeping one in the family.

A pulse oximeter is simply a machine that measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood.

Please measure the number when you are fine.

For example, if the usual rate is 98%, if it falls below 96%, be careful and there is a good chance of pneumonia.

Please see the doctor immediately and take a chest radiograph.

Even if pneumonia is caused by coronavirus, it can be prevented from becoming severe if it is treated early while it is mild.

Beware of all infectious diseases

Patients undergoing rheumatism should be aware of pneumonia, tuberculosis, and infectious diseases in addition to the coronavirus.