How to Get Rid of Local Rheumatic Pain

-Tokyo Arthritis Clinic-

Local pain of RA

Even though rheumatoid arthritis is well controlled by treatment with anti-rheumatic drugs and biologics, many patients complain of localized pain, such as pain only in the wrist joints.

How to get rid of pain quickly

Injections are given into the tendon sheath or joint where the pain is located.

Fast-acting steroid injections

Topical steroid name: Kenacort A

The effect lasts for about 4 weeks and then gradually fades away.

When used for local acute inflammation, local injections are more effective than steroids taken by the patient.

Although the side effects of steroids are often highlighted, they are very effective in treating inflammation and rheumatic pain if managed properly.

The role of steroid injections

One use of steroids is that it may take one to three months for rheumatic drugs to take effect, during which time joint destruction may progress. They are used to fill in the gaps until the rheumatic drugs begin to take effect. It is also injected directly into the painful joint, causing strong inflammation with pain and swelling. The swelling and pain may subside the next day.